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I worked in the general production, and in the construction of the prototype. I was responsible for the construction.


I also collaborated in the editorial project with the production of graphics



The exhibition was proposed as an experience through 5 representative works of Samuel Flores Flores. Viewers could observe the production from three input poles: the domestic condition, the phenomenological position, and the original shapes. The installation was located in the Spain Cultural Center’s main hall, divided into two spaces. First, an ample area where the five chosen works appear on the perimeter in the form of billboards, models, and drawings,  while in the center area, a series of walls were raised to remember the spatiality of the projects and the building technique of brick curved walls.


The next room, smaller and darker, holds the interior universe of the architect, like his other projects, personal life, and the contemporary world that surrounded him during his years of practice. This space allows the visitors to connect the architect’s production with the historical events of his period while simultaneously delving into his work.The exhibition had an initial opening date when the pandemic broke out. Therefore, a digital platform was built in collaboration with the Cultural Center so that visitors could access the collection remotely.


Curators: Emilio Nisivoccia, Mary Méndez y Martín Craciún; Team: Laura Alonso, Lorena Patiño, Alejandro Varela y María Noel Viana

Place and date: Centro Cultural España 03/21 - 10/21

see more on the CCE website.

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